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Business Registration

  • Business Incorporation & Government Registration
  • Assist foreign and local business legally start and do business in the Philippines
  • Determine company formation. corporation and requirements
  • Register company with SEC, open bank account, process all documents

Accounting and Bookkeeping

  • Preparation of financial reports
  • Proper maintenance of company's books of accounts
  • Preparation/ Review/ examination of the company's chart of accounts, accounting system and controls



Payroll Processing by Payroll Experts

  • Payroll specialists offer payroll services which includes computation.
  • Preparation of pay slips
  • Payroll register monitoring of sick and vacation leaves
  • 13th month pay processing
  • Government remittance to SSS, PHIC & HDMF

Do you want to cut your accounting cost by 30%

  • Recruitment expense
  • Salaries including 13th month pay and bonuses
  • Benefits such as vacation and sick leave, health insurance and retirement
  • Training cost for staff
  • Office space, computers and supplies related to employees' work
  • More time to spend on tasks that add value to your customer relations
  • Move a non-revenue task to your outsource provider.

Do you wish you had more time to focus on your core business?

Yes! Outsourcing your Accounting Back-end office is the new trend in doing business in the new Global Economy. Outsourcing is the new way of saving operational costs.We understand that accountants or an accounting department is important to your business because they take charge of your accounting and tax filing to keep your business operation going and to keep you always in compliance with government agency requirements.

But hiring your own accountant/s will mean additional salaries and other employee expenses plus additional executive hours to devote in managing them.Outsourcing your Accounting with Wall Street Accounting and Business Solutions, Inc. will help you avoid those employee expenses and help you focus on the most important thing - increasing your Sales and Transaction counts by focusing on Sales and Marketing Strategies, more time to spend on task that add value to your customer relations and Staff Training.

Move a non-revenue task to Wall Street Accounting. Outsource your accounting.

Smart way to do business.

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